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The IP is based on research, reflection and scientific enquiry into cultural difference and the problems facing India and Europe. Below you will find the results of this research relevant for the India Platform, presented in academic books and articles as well as in shorter articles published in the popular press.

Vlaanderen voortrekker in samenwerking met India

Superieur Europa wiegt zichzelf in slaap


Publication Date/Year:2008-08-05
Author Name:Jakob De Roover

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Delusions of grandeur – Why would a skilled worker move to Europe?

A Challenge for daydreaming Europe

De schadelijke gevolgen van goede bedoelingen: De Europese strijd tegen kastendiscriminatie

The Indian Jews


To be against "Brahminism" is part and parcel of the political correctness of progressive scholars in twenty-first-century India, much like being against Muslims is part of the message of their Hindutva...

Publication Date/Year:2008-06-20
Author Name:Jakob De Roover

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Does Europe have a Civilising Mission in India?

Is vechten tegen stereotypen nutteloos?


Publisher:vzw Wereldmediahuis
Publication Date/Year:2008-02-25
Author Name:Sarah Claerhout

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Europe’s Image

Rethinking Colonialism and Colonial Consciousness: The Case of Modern India