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How about speaking the truth about reservations?

The article examines the Congress statements proposing increased reservations in India. The context for such ideas lie in Indira Gandhi’s policies of the 1970’s when she created a new servile leadership to maintain her position of power by: a) inducting criminals into politics; b) breaking Jagjivan Ram’s impact on dalits by buying Ambedkarites with money […]

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Butchered in Bihar: A View from the Outside

Perhaps the worst lesson of the outcome of the Bihar election is that India is poised to become the backward Bihar. People voted with their feet, because the direction they are hurtling towards is known: an abyss. The BJP and Modi won because they told a story to the Indian people that shared a dream, […]

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Why Smriti Irani as HRD minister was a terrible choice

Should the research done by the HRD minister’s advisors be taken into consideration, surely India would shoot into stratospheric heights.The pathetic belief of the HRD ministry is that increasing the funding will improve the quality of research . This is a sad commentary on the initiatives taken by the ministry on education. download the publication […]

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Which intolerance is growing in India?

The article shows how only a particular kind of intolerance is highlighted by the media in India whereas the intolerance spear-headed by the liberal/left secular forces is either ignored or justified on flimsy grounds. download the publication here

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