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Indian press about initiatives of the India Platform (November 2012)

The director of the India Platform Prof. Balagangadhara along with the Rector of Gent University and the Chairman of Gokula Education foundation (Medical) answered questions from journalists about higher education and research in India and Belgium. This media engagement was held in MS Ramaiha Medical College on 2nd of November 2012. This is how it […]

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Indian press about a talk of Prof. Balagangadhara in Bellary

On July 14 Prof. Balagangadhara gave a talk for general public ‘Is Hinduism a Religion or a way of life?’. This event was covered the next day in local press: Different notions of Dharma and Religion – Vijaya Karnataka Hinduism doesn’t exist – Kannada Prabha Reality about Hindu – Samyukta Karnataka Felicitation of Balagangadhara S […]

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Indian press about ‘Dharma and Ethics V’ conference in 2011

TThe Fifth Dharma and Ethics Conference was held on 22nd and 23rd January 2011, at Vivekananda Institute of Indian Studies, Mysore. The theme of the conference was ‘De-Colonising the Social Science”. In the local press there was the following coverage: Multiple Dharma’s, One Culture – Hosadigantha Europeans have not described Indian Reality – Prajavani India […]

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Indian press about ‘Rethinking Religion in India’ conference IV (2012)

There was extensive coverage in the local press about the inauguration and the proceedings of the Third Conference ‘Rethinking Religion in India’ that took place in Mangalore from 24 till 27 of November 2012. Concept of Human rights has roots in religion – Coastal Digest Rethinking Religion Conference – Indian Express Christian Daliths continue to […]

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How about speaking the truth about reservations?

The article examines the Congress statements proposing increased reservations in India. The context for such ideas lie in Indira Gandhi’s policies of the 1970’s when she created a new servile leadership to maintain her position of power by: a) inducting criminals into politics; b) breaking Jagjivan Ram’s impact on dalits by buying Ambedkarites with money […]

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