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Nilume Publication House and Blog (in Kannada)

    Nilume is a publishing house established in collaboration with the India Platform. Nilume has over twenty thousand members who debate on various socio-cultural issues drawing their intellectual resources from Comparative Science of Cultures. In 2013, some of these members registered Nilume as a Trust and started their own publication house called Nilume Publications. […]

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Do all roads lead to Jerusalem? The making of Indian religions

This book is a shorter and more readable version of the book ‘The Heathen in his Blindness”. This ‘rewriting’ was done by Divya Jhingran, with the approval of Dr. Balagangadhara. Do All Roads Lead to Jerusalem? traces the history of western encounters with other cultures on two occasions – the ‘pagans’ of Greece and Rome […]

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India through the eyes of Europe – Indie očima Evropy

The main thesis of publication of Martin Farek’s assertion is that although the Orientalist academic study or investigation presents a seemingly unbiased, objective interpretation even Indian traditions, in fact, the deformed images referring primarily to their own European culture researchers. Conceptualization of religion in Europe is a key topic of discussion for centuries, and especially […]

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Europe, India, and the Limits of Secularism

For several decades now, commentators have sounded the alarm about the ‘crisis of secularism’. According to them, saving the secular state from political religion is a matter of survival for societies characterized by religious diversity. In this narrative, instances of intolerance and violence are conveniently attributed to a failure in adhering to secular norms. Jakob […]

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