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Rajaram Hegde’s Weekly Column (in Kannada)

Rajaram Hegde has continued to write his weekly articles in a well-known Kannada daily, Hosadigantha. Here are some important articles that led to a lot of discussion in the electronic media in Karnataka: • Ivarella Bhaarateeya Muslimara Hitachintakre? (Are they the well-wishers of Indian Muslims?), Hosadiganta, 11 Dec 2015. • Ramayana Mahabharathagala Kurita Vismruti (Amnesia about the […]

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Nilume Publication House and Blog (in Kannada)

    Nilume is a publishing house established in collaboration with the India Platform. Nilume has over twenty thousand members who debate on various socio-cultural issues drawing their intellectual resources from Comparative Science of Cultures. In 2013, some of these members registered Nilume as a Trust and started their own publication house called Nilume Publications. […]

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Blog: Witness to our Times

This blog was started in November 2015, as an attempt to bear witness to the global events that we are living through: November was the month in which the Paris attacks happened and a number of us realized that a Third World War had probably already started. This realisation, accompanied by the realization that media, […]

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Blog from the Centre for the Study of Local Cultures (CSLC)

  The Centre for the Study of Local Culture (CSLC) emerged as a research centre in Kuvempu University, Karnataka. This centre started research on social –cultural problems/issues such as caste/inequality, plurality and conflict in local society. In the light of S. N. Balagangadhara’s hypothesis, the centre has done enormous fieldwork throughout Karnataka, and established a feedback […]

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