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Special issue of Theatrum Historiae, a scientific journal of the Institute of Historical Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, University of Pardubice

Dr. Dunkin Jalki, Dr. Sufiya Pathan and Prof. Dr. Martin Fárek functioned as coordinators for the special issue and contributed articles focused on the descriptions of caste in India:

• “On the difficulty of refuting or confirming the classical theory of the caste system” by Dunkin Jalki and Sufiya Pathan
• “Caste or qualification? Caitanya Vaisnava discussions on Brahmanas in colonial India“ by Martin Farek
• “The Caste Connection: On the Sacred Foundations of Social Hierarchy” by Jakob De Roover and Sarah Claerhout
• “’An ancient system of caste’: How the British law against caste depends on Orientalism” by Prakash Shah
• “The Aryans and the ancient system of caste” by Marianne Keppens