Indian press about ‘Dharma and Ethics V’ conference in 2011

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TThe Fifth Dharma and Ethics Conference was held on 22nd and 23rd January 2011, at Vivekananda Institute of Indian Studies, Mysore. The theme of the conference was ‘De-Colonising the Social Science”.
In the local press there was the following coverage:

Multiple Dharma’s, One Culture – Hosadigantha
Europeans have not described Indian Reality – Prajavani
India must not be interpreted from Western perspective – Deccan Herald
Legacy of Colonialism – Udayavani
Dharma, Culture: A New Perspective…The difference between Indian representation – Vijayakarnataka
Dharma does not mean ‘Religion’ – Udayavani – Manipal
People understand ‘Dharma’ naturally in India – Nammanadu

Journal/Newspaper/Magazine:Different newspapers and journals in Karnataka

More information on the conference can be found on this website:
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