Indian press about a talk of Prof. Balagangadhara in Bellary

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On July 14 Prof. Balagangadhara gave a talk for general public ‘Is Hinduism a Religion or a way of life?’. This event was covered the next day in local press:

Different notions of Dharma and Religion – Vijaya Karnataka
Hinduism doesn’t exist – Kannada Prabha
Reality about Hindu – Samyukta Karnataka
Felicitation of Balagangadhara S N – Samyukta Karnataka (Bangalore edition) & Digantha Prakashana
Meaning of Hindu is unknown!: Balagangadhara – Vijayavani
Thinking should happen in light of our culture: Dr. Balagangadhara – Hosadigantha
About Hindu Dharma – Vijayavani

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Publication Date/Year:2013-7-15
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