India Platform Vision Note

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Europe and India, or, India and Europe, both have rich academic and intellectual traditions. Importantly, these traditions have organic roots within their respective societies. Ever dynamic, these traditions evolve. In the case of Europe they have endured, but now face an imminent crisis; In the case of India, they have been obscured by centuries of colonization and structural transformation.

Today, both Europe and India face unique and significant challenges. Europe’s aging population will soon retire, leaving a vacuum of skilled labour. This is compounded by a shrinking pool of employable labour and structural unemployment. On the other hand, India is a future world power grappling with an outdated education system and a complete divorce between education and research – leaving it woefully unprepared for technological changes that have already begun to reshape global markets.

Against the backdrop of a globalising world, collaboration and exchange offer exciting possibilities for overcoming these challenges. Outlined in the vision note is neither a welfare plan nor a developmental project bestowed by Europe onto India. Rather, it is a proposed reconnection between India and Europe, such that they symbiotically make globalisation work in their favour.

While the idea of collaboration in itself is not revolutionary, the kind of collaboration proposed herein is. Focusing on health care and education as only two of myriad possibilities, this vision statement demonstrates how exchange projects can enable India to tap its formidable academic and economic potential – a must if it is to emerge as a powerful voice in the global arena, while simultaneously enabling Europe to rediscover its identity as a forerunner in visionary innovation.

Download here the India Platform Vision Note.


Details:Publication year: 2009
Publication Category:Notes, Notes and publications Concerning policy and vision about India-Europe relations
Publication Date/Year:2008
Focus Domain:Health care, Social sciences and humanities, Higher Education
Author Name:S.N. Balagangadhara
Keywords:Europe, India Platform, Indian, Collaboration