India is not ‘Rapeistan’: How media is failing

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Globalisation has prompted many people to speak of the world as a village, wherein ease of connectivity and knowledge of other places and cultures are perhaps at its highest in human history. One would assume that the creation of so many communication channels would lead to debunking of myths and progress in gaining knowledge about other cultures, and about our own. However, what happens when increased interaction takes place without a concomitant increase in knowledge? Old stories are recycled in the telling of new events.

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Publisher:DailyO (website)
Details:Blog by India Today
Publication Category:Online Article, Newspaper Article
Publication Date/Year:2015-10-26
Focus Domain:Social sciences and humanities
Author Name:Anil Rao, Garima Raghuvanshy, Marianne Keppens
Keywords:Rape, Media, Journalism