Reply to the Draft roadmap for cooperation between India and the European Union

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Note India Platform for SFIC 1403

Extract: The difference between two regions

The Draft roadmap for cooperation between India and the European Union is an interesting document because of its specificity and the pointers it gives of where to look for successful and important science and technology collaborations between the two regions in the short and the middle long term. But, it also has one big lacuna: it does not take into account that the contexts of scientific research are very different in Europe and India. Because of this, a range of questions that are necessary to develop a roadmap for cooperation between India and the EU are not addressed: Why is scientific cooperation between the two regions not as developed as its potential seems to promise? Where exactly does the potential for collaboration lie? What are the specific characteristics of the European and Indian contexts that make them attractive for each other with respect to research and innovation? Are there any? If yes, how to address them properly, so as to come to a long term, stable modus operandi?

Publisher:India Platform
Details:This note is a reply to the following text: 'Cooperation between India and the European Union: A long term view' .

The note was written for the workshop of SFIC (Strategic Forum for International Science and Technology Cooperation).
Publication Category:Notes, Notes and publications Concerning policy and vision about India-Europe relations
Publication Date/Year:2014-03-01
Focus Domain:School education, Social sciences and humanities, Higher Education
Author Name:Sarika Rao, Jakob De Roover, Nele De Gersem, Marianne Keppens
Keywords:Higher education, Liberal Education