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Nilume Publication House and Blog (in Kannada)



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Nilume is a publishing house established in collaboration with the India Platform. Nilume has over twenty thousand members who debate on various socio-cultural issues drawing their intellectual resources from Comparative Science of Cultures. In 2013, some of these members registered Nilume as a Trust and started their own publication house called Nilume Publications. As their first venture they published a book of collected columns in a popular newspaper in Karnataka. These columns were written by Prof. Rajaram Hegde on the basis of conversations with Prof. S. N. Balagangadhara on how to understand Indian Traditions. The book is titled “Buddhijeevigala Moodhanambikegalu”, which means “The Superstitions of Intellectuals”.

In 2015 Nilume published three Kannada books. Besides the paper publications, Nilume maintains a blog (www.nilume.net [1]). All publications, including the online ones, are in Kannada, the language of the state of Karnataka.

•Bauddhika Dasyadalli Bharata (Vasahatu Prajneya Vishvaroopa) (India in Intellectual Slavery (Omni-form of Colonial Consciousness)) (in                                                                                       Kannada)

•Buddhijeevigala Moodha Nambikegalu (Vasahatu Prajneya Vishvaroopa) (Superstitions of the Progressive Thinkers (Omni-form of                                                                                                     Colonial Consciousness)) (in Kannada)

•Kotta Kudureyaneralariyade (Not riding the horse one has) (in Kannada)The numerous bloggers group of Nilume also held a two-day                                                                                                workshop in Kuppali, on 2 and 3 October 2015. The discussion was led by Prof. Dr. Rajaram Hegde, Dr. Shanmukha A. and Dr. Dunkin                                                                                            Jalki.Nilume is planing to bring a quarterly journal latest by the end of 2016.