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0901 CSLC group (7)The Centre for the Study of Local Culture (CSLC) emerged as a research centre in Kuvempu University, Karnataka. This centre started research on social –cultural problems/issues such as caste/inequality, plurality and conflict in local society. In the light of S. N. Balagangadhara’s hypothesis, the centre has done enormous fieldwork throughout Karnataka, and established a feedback loop between academic research and local communities, Self-governing bodies, policy makers and NGOs. In the course of time, we found many alternative and better explanations about our socio-cultural issues.

In 2009 members of CSLC have started a blog to share their research outputs with Kannada readers, stimulate discussion and get feedback. So this is purely an academic oriented social science blog. Anyone can contribute to this discussion, which helps the researchers to develop the research further. More importantly, this blog helps research scholars from different parts of Karnataka to share their research ideas with CSLC.

Prof. Rajaram Hegde writes regular articles and the other researchers and students contribute by stimulating discussions.

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Publication Date/Year:2016
Focus Domain:Social sciences and humanities
Editor Name:Rajaram Hegde
Keywords:Comparative science of cultures