An Indian view from outside: Quotas, Rational and Moral?

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The problem that has plagued India since Independence has flared up again: caste-based reservations for education, employment and career promotions. In the last four decades of living in Europe, I have heard both sides of the debate. As an Indian living abroad, it appears to me that these debates actually raise one single question: Are Indians irrational or immoral, or both? This is the un-debated side of the reservation discourse in India. Let me explain. Is caste-based reservation a rational policy to follow? The answer to this question does not require a definition of ‘rationality.’ Instead, the issue is: does this policy eventuate in irrational consequences or effects?


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Journal/Newspaper/Magazine:The new Indian Express
Publication Category:Online Article
Publication Date/Year:2015-09-11
Focus Domain:Social sciences and humanities
Author Name:S.N. Balagangadhara
Keywords:Caste system, Reservations, Policy, Intellectuals