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Against Caste in British Law – A Critical Perspective on the Caste Discrimination Provision in the Equality Act 2010

Against Caste in British Law discusses the salience of the caste question in UK law. It provides the background to how the caste provision came into the Equality Act 2010 and how it was reinforced in 2013. It explains the various interests that played a role in getting caste onto the statute book, arguing that its imperatives can be gauged by glancing at the Christian proselytism agenda in Asia.

The book explains how the legal provision on caste will have damaging consequences for employers and businesses and the freedom of association of Indian communities. It refers to Indian law and debates on the caste question and explains how the Indian framework is embedded in Christian-Orientalism, therefore also constituting an unresolved theoretical problem for any law on caste. Emerging out of a first-hand engagement in advisory capacity with Indian community organizations in the UK, the book takes a stance against inclusion of caste in equality law.

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