“Welcome to Radio Balu” – A daily programme in the ‘month of philosophy’ at Radio Klara (in Dutch)

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Radio BaluIt has long been Professor Balu’s dream to open his doors to anyone who wants to ask questions about life. “Because”, he says, “finding happiness is a most fundamental human right. We have to find a place and time for that – and I want to help with that; I want to offer possibilities to people to find happiness”.

In April, the Month of Philosophy of Radio Klara, time will be given during the programme ‘Espresso’ for ‘Radio Balu’: Professor Balu will answer questions from listeners every day around 7.45 am. Questions can be mailed to espresso@klara.be

Here you can listen to previous questions (in Dutch).

When:1 April, 2016 - 30 April, 2016
Event Type:Radio and television
Location:Ghent, Belgium
Organization:Klara - Radio

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