Visit (with workshops) to TNAU by UGent Bioscience Engineering faculty

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In the week of January 19th to 25th 2012, both Prof. Mieke Uyttendaele (UGent, Veg-­‐i-­‐Trade coordinator and food microbiologist) and dr. Liesbeth Jacxsens (UGent, Veg-­‐i-­‐Trade WP 3 leader on Food Safety Management Systems) of Ghent University visited the Indian partner within Veg-­‐i-­‐Trade, the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), and met with many of the stakeholders in fresh produce in Tamil Nadu region (farmers, food processors, horticultural managers, exporters of fresh produce).

When:19 January, 2012, 9:00 am - 23 January, 2012, 4:30 pm
Focus Domain:Social sciences and humanities
Event Type:Visit to India, Collaborations of UGent Faculty
Location:Coimbatore, India
Venue:Coimbatore / Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU)