Visit to the University of Aveiro (Portugal), by the UGent Rector a.o.

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Visit by:
* Prof. Paul Van Cauwenberge, Vice-Chancellor (Rector)
* Prof. Koen Goethals, Chief Academic Administrator
* Prof. Renaat Peleman, Chief Medical Officer of the University Hospital,
* Prof. Geert De Soete, Dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences and Member of the Supervisory Board of the University Hospital
* Prof. Guy Vanderstraeten, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
* Dr. Sarah Claerhout, Coordinating Team of the India Platform UGent
* Mrs. Nele De Gersem, Coordinator India Platform UG

Building a long-term collaboration between the University of Aveiro and Ghent University; discussing the India Platform European consortium.

Day 1:

1. Visit to the new Medical and Health Department
2. Meeting with the staff of the Medical and Health Department
3. Visit to the Education Department and a meeting with Prof. Odete Cruz e Silva (Health Sciences Department and Neuropathological Disorders)
4. Visit to the Departments of Chemistry, Electronics and Biology and meetings with the researchers of the Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies, Organic Chemistry, Natural Products and Food Stuffs, and the IT Department.
5. Meeting with Dr. Niall Power of the UA International Office
6. Dinner with the whole delegation

Day 2:

Closing session with the UGent and the UA delegaton:

Prof. Dr. Manuel Antonio Assunção, Rector of the University of Aveiro
Prof. Dr. Carlos Paccoal Neto, Vice-Rector UA
Prof. Dr. José Fernando Mendes, Vice-Rector UA
Prof. Dr. Eduardo Anselmo Ferreira da Silva, Vice-Rector UA
Prof. Dr. Joaquim Costa Leite, Vice-Rector UA
Prof. Dr. Jose Alberto Rafael, Vice-Rector UA
Prof. Dr. Gillian Owen Moreira, Pro-Rector UA


When:20 February, 2012 - 21 February, 2012
Focus Domain:Not in an IP focus domain
Event Type:Meeting / Roundtable, Stakeholders Activity
Venue:Aveiro / University of Aveiro

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