Announcement by a third party: The Belgo-Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BICC&I) launches call for the yearly Scriptum Award Contest

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The Belgo-Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BICC&I) herewith launches its yearly call for the Scriptum Award Contest.

Since 2006 BICC&I organises a Scriptum Award Contest where they hand out an award of 1000,00 euro and 2 return tickets to India to a student who has written the best thesis about the enhancement of economic cooperation between Belgium and India.

This contest is open to any student graduating at a Belgian Institute of higher education or university.
Registrations are open till 1st of November 2016, and the winner will be announced at the yearly seminar “Catching the Indian Tiger”.

You can find the participation rules and registration form on the BICC&I website :

When:16 May, 2016 - 1 November, 2016
Focus Domain:Not in an IP focus domain
Event Type:Call for applications / Call for projects / Job vacancy / Fellowship / Contest / Other funding opportunity
Location:Brussels, Belgium
Organization:Belgo-Indian Chamber of Commerce and industry

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