Engineering Ventures Visit 2015 (including testimonials)

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From August 22 to August 29 2015, the India Platform invited European engineering professionals to some of the most promising research groups and companies in South India. It facilitated tailor-made meetings with potential partners in engineering in the two fast-growing cities of Bangalore and Mangalore.

As a part of the Ventures Visit, a one day interactive session was organised at MSRIT and the Neurology Department of MSRMC. The event coincided with the official inaugural function of the IEEE System, Man and Cybernetics (SMC), Bangalore chapter at the MSRIT campus. Prof.Dr. Stefaan Vandenberghe (Medical Signal Processing Group UGent) and Dr. Ir. Pieter Van Mierlo (MEDSIP) were special guests at these events.

Some testimonials of the visit:

Prof. Dr. ir. Jan Vanfleteren, Center for Microsystems Technology (CMST), Ghent University – IMEC:
“The engineering ventures visits of last August in Bangalore/Mangalore have revealed many opportunities for scientific, technical and educational co-operation between Indian and Flemish academic partners. From both sides a great willingness and enthusiasm to start such collaborative projects exists. However, the known general funding channels like e.g. EU-H2020 or similar EC, regional or university channels do not provide sufficient incentives to set up co-operations. To my mind there is a clear need for a dedicated financial framework to turn the mutual voluntarism of Indian and Flemish partners into real collaboration.”

Prof. Dr. ir. Stefaan Vandenberghe, Medical Imaging and Signal Processing (MEDISIP), Ghent University:
“The ventures visit to India brought a clear insight into the wide variety in higher education for engineering in the Bangalore and Mangalore area. Each of the visited institutes had a quite different balance of education and research. This exchange is a first essential step towards building future collaborations.”

Dr. Petr Voltr, researcher at the Perner Transport Faculty of the University of Pardubice, Czech Republic:
“The visit to Bangalore and Mangalore was a great opportunity to see places, meet people and get to know their ways of living, of education and research far from my home.
More accurately, I would describe my experience as two opposite experiences. In Bangalore, I was in the position of a wealthy foreigner (which I absolutely dislike), closed in an airtight top-class hotel, meeting people with business suits. In Mangalore, I had to drive out of my bathroom the largest spider I’ve ever seen, but all the people were really friendly, enthusiastic and true.”

Prof. Eva Schmidova senior researcher at the Perner Transport Faculty of the University of Pardubice, Czech Republic:
“I can say with pleasure… The participation in the Engineering Ventures Visit was very useful and motivating for me, new possibilities for cooperation were opened. Particularly thanks to the meeting with specialists from Mangalore Institute of Technology and Engineering with whom we have begun a research, connecting the experience and experimental possibilities of both institutions.”

Prof. Dr. Sriraam, Professor and Head of the Department of Medical Electronics, MSRIT Bangalore:
“The highlights and most interesting topics came from the MEDSIP Research group. From the Ghent side, some ideas were expressed to invite Indian students for the Biomedical Engineering Master, to send Ghent students for internships to MSRIT and to exchange research ideas in medical imaging and neuroscience.
We were enlightened with BCI (Brain Computer Interface) and its applications, EEG source imaging, Epilepsy, and Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) as an effective anti-epileptic treatment for temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE). The students were overwhelmed by their presentations and the talks. The guests were inspirational and the inauguration was a success.”

The visit followed the formula of the India Platform Ventures Visits. It
(1) involved participants from different European countries
(2) created the conditions for establishing lasting connections to Indian society
(3) linked representatives from different sectors of engineering practice: technical experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Click here to see the full photo album of the visit.

When:22 August, 2015 - 29 August, 2015
Focus Domain:Engineering
Event Type:Visit to India, Collaborations of UGent Faculty, Meeting / Roundtable, For Business, Stakeholders Activity
Location:Bengaluru, India
Venue:Mövenpick Hotel - Bangalore Alva's Engineering College - Moodbidri, Mangalore NMAM Institute of Technology - Nitte, Mangalore
Organization:India Platform

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