Second Focus Session of the India Platform Focus Group Liveable Cities

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Jean Blondeel, CEO, A&B Partners
Arvind Chel, Assistant Professor, MGM College of Engineering and Technology, Navi-Mumbai
Nele De Gersem, Deputy Director, India Platform, Ghent University
Serge de Gheldere, CEO, Futureproofed
Willem Derde, Director, Ename Center for Public Archaeology and Heritage Presentation
Jakob De Roover, Coordinator Urban Planning, India Platform, Ghent University
Patricia Hellriegel, Internationalization – Marketing, IMOB, Universiteit Hasselt
Davy Janssens, Professor and Programme leader Transportation, IMOB, Universiteit Hasselt
Marianne Keppens, Coordinator, India Platform, Ghent University
Johan Lagae, Professor of Architecture History, Ghent University
Arnoud Lust, Business Development Manager, VITO
Makharand Salunke, Project Manager, NP-Bridging
Hans Van Hoof, Traffic Expert, De Lijn
Michiel Dehaene, Professor of City Planning, Ghent University
Luuk Boelens, Professor and Director, Centre for Mobility and Spatial Planning, Ghent University
Dirk Lauwers, Professor, Centre for Mobility and Spatial Planning, Ghent University

In addition to introducing some new participants to the India Platform focus group urban planning, the aim of this meeting was to explore concrete project applications in which research teams and private companies could collaborate on the problems of creating of liveable cities in India. The initial proposal was to submit a project application to the IWT SBO (Strategic Basic Research) programme of the Flemish government funding organization for industrial, scientific, and technological research. The idea was to write a project on how to translate the urban planning and mobility expertise of Flemish companies and consultants to the Indian market of urban development and urban management. During the discussion, it became clear that this type of application would be very difficult: it is unclear what the focus would be and which concrete products a project could bring forth. Therefore, we decided that all participants would write a two-page note to clarify what their research team or company is willing and able to contribute to the India Platform focus group urban planning and its potential projects. Based on this, we would then determine which types of project applications and activities are feasible.

When:24 June, 2014, 6:00 pm - 24 June, 2014, 8:00 pm
Focus Domain:Liveable Cities
Event Type:Lecture / Presentation / Debate, Workshop / Seminar / Training
Location:Ghent, Belgium
Venue:Ghent/India Platform
Organization:India Platform

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