Santander International Summer School

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Prof. Dr. Jakob De Roover was invited by Kyoto University and Heidelberg University to be one of the teachers for the Santander International Summer School “What is Caesar’s, what is God’s? A Transcultural Perspective on the Legitimation of the Political and Religious Spheres”, which took place at Kyoto University. The students consisted of an international group of PhD students; the teachers were experts from Asian, European, and Latin American universities.

During the Summer School, Prof. De Roover explored potential collaboration between the India Platform and a number of colleagues teaching at several Japanese universities and research institutes. They showed great interest in the research programme Comparative Science of Cultures, which they found to be very relevant to the challenges that Japan and other Asian countries are facing today. Prof. De Roover had a follow-up meeting with some of these Japanesecolleagues in Erfürt in Germany in August 2015. They agreed to work on a joint project proposal. As a result of the meetings in Kyoto, several doctoral researchers from Asia and Europe also became interested in the research being done by the India Platform team. One of them, Wei Leong Tay from the National University of Singapore and Oxford University, spent a week at the India Platform office in Ghent in June 2015. A follow-up meeting between four of the doctoral researchers and Jakob De Roover and Anil Rao of the India Platform will take place at Oxford University in March 2016.

When:9 March, 2015 - 19 March, 2015
Focus Domain:Social sciences and humanities, Higher Education
Event Type:Lecture / Presentation / Debate, Workshop/Seminar/Training
Venue:Kyoto University
Organization:University of Kyoto