A series of national symposia SAMVADA LAHARI (Waves of Discussion)

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Samvada Lahari (Waves of discussion) is a series of symposia, which makes an attempt to relate the bond between Indians and their puranas. The symposia take place in Karnataka and in Kannada.
Samvada Lahari I  —  1-3 January 2011
Samvada Lahari II — 12-14 January 2012
Samvada Lahari III —  11-12 January 2014
Samvada Lahari IV —  20-21 December 2014
Samvada Lahari V — 6-7 February 2016

When:1 January, 2011 - 1 January, 2020
Focus Domain:Arts; traditions and heritage, Social sciences and humanities
Event Type:Conference / Congres / Symposium
Location:Sirsi, India
Keywords:Puranas, Culture, Tradition

Contact Details: Ainkai Ramananda - rrha22@gmail.com

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