Announcement by an IP Preferred Partner: Ruchica project in Rehabilitation

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Valentin Schroyen, physical therapist, and Herman Kuppers, MD, both teaching at Hasselt University, Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences, Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy, are participating in the Ruchika Social Service Organisation (RSSO, in Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha. They visit the project twice a year during a two-week visit.

Ruchika Social Service Organisation (RSSO) is an NGO that runs several projects, all related to the rehabilitation of the people living in the slums of 66 Bhubaneswar. The Hasselt University staff is mainly participating in the health care project, e.g. the ‘Inclusive education project’ ( inclusiveeducation), where the focus is on the rehabilitation of the disabled children. The activities focus on medical care, education and social assistance of the patients, and support of the team of the ‘Inclusive education project’:

  • • Fieldwork in the slums (home visits; medical and paramedical service)
  • • Education of the health workers in the slums
  • • Education and assistance to the team that runs the ‘inclusive education project’

Each year students of the Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences, Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy do a four-week internship in the Ruchika project. The University of Hasselt staff provides guidance and support for these students during their stay. Related to the field-work and the documentation of the functioning of the disabled children the University of Hasselt staff constructed a ‘Rehabilitation Management Documentation Form’. This documentation form is based on the ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Heath (WHO) and includes a uniform registration of the functioning for multidisciplinary use. The goal of the use of this tool is not only to register properly, but also to increase the quality of care by stimulating the clinical reasoning during the assessment and the conception of the plan of care.

When:1 January, 2014 - 31 December, 2015
Event Type:Project
Location:Hasselt, Belgium
Organization:University of Hasselt (UHasselt)

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