Roundtable “Bondgenoten voor Indo-Europese relaties” (Allies in building Indo-European relations)

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As a first step in a series of meetings, a small group of people concerned about the relationships between India and Europe on a political level was invited to have a roundtable discussion. The group was chaired by Mrs. Sarah Claerhout, Member of Parliament (Belgium) and chair of the Inter Parliamentary Union (India) and consisted of an ambassador, a former ambassador, a representative of Flanders Investment and Trade, a coordinator of the South Asia Desk (Belgian Federal Government) and three members of the India Platform team. The purpose of the meetings is to arrive at relevant input for a new Belgian policy note on Asia generally and India in particular. Besides the meetings, a parliamentary hearing will be organised to have a broader base of input and feedback which can again be used as input for working towards a policy that will generate wide support.

When:15 February, 2016
Focus Domain:Social sciences and humanities
Event Type:Meeting / Roundtable, Events aiming at stimulating policy making in India-Europe relations
Location:Ghent, Belgium
Organization:India Platform

Contact Details: Nele De Gersem -