Research skills and methodology for young Social Science faculty at SDM UG and PG Colleges

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Session 1: How to successfully apply for minor and major research grants ( Dr. Mathigatta Chaitra, Deputy Director, India Platform)
Session 2: How to write a research proposal for post-doctoral research ( Dr. Santhosh Shetty, UGC post-doc fellow)
Session 3: How to publish a research paper (Speaker: Dr. Ajakkal Girish Bhat, editor, ChintanaBayalu)
Session 4: E-resources useful for conducting research ( Dr. Dunkin Jalki)
Session 5: Brainstorming on how to build a research orientation at SDMES.
The sessions were coordinated by Dr. SufiyaPathan and Dr. Dunkin Jalki of CIRHS.

In response to the general desire expressed by faculty at SDMES to gain some guidance towards
(a) publishing research work already completed,
(b) applying for major or minor research grants and
(c) using helpful tools in the research process, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Humanities and Social Sciences (CIRHS), proposed a one-day workshop as a first step in this direction.

When:19 October, 2015
Focus Domain:Social sciences and humanities, Social sciences and humanities, Liveable Cities, School education, Social sciences and humanities
Event Type:Workshop / Seminar / Training