Release of two books by NILUME-India Platform publication

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The second publication of Nilume – India Platform publication was released on August 2nd 2015.
The second part of “ Buddhi Jeevigala Moodahanambikegalu “ which deals with the current theories which emanated from the west, not taking into account the cultural experiences from the non-west .
The second book ,“Kottakudureyaneraleriade” deals with the most important literature of Indian traditions, “Vachanas”, which speak about experience as against what is there in the present discourse on Vachanas.

The books were released by Dr. Vishweshwara Bhat , a noted Journalist . Prof. Rajaram Hegde , Dr. Shanmukha  and  Sri M.S.Chaitra  spoke introductory words on the books . The release took place at Mythic Society of India , Bangalore .

When:2 October, 2015, 9:00 am - 2 October, 2015
Event Type:Book Release
Venue:Bangalore / Mythic Society