Aarohi Reading module preparation workshop

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This workshop was focussed on how to train the new PhD entrants in research work. It was held on the 27th of February at Rastrotthana Parishat, Chamarajapet, Bangalore.

The experience of different people across institutions, across disciplines ranging from natural sciences to human sciences, and also different levels of teaching, was combined. The kinds of skills that these students lack was discussed, along with the kind of themes and models of research that they should be learning. After that, a broad reading list was prepared, and it is understood that depending upon the kind of progress that they make, we could continue to make changes to their reading material. This meeting was of immense importance, because it was the first step towards structuring our intended course, and it also involved specific people in conjunction with particular research projects of the PhD students, so that the idea of a network was strengthened.

When:27 February, 2014
Focus Domain:Social sciences and humanities, Social sciences and humanities, Liveable Cities, School education, Social sciences and humanities
Event Type:Workshop / Seminar / Training
Location:Bengaluru, India