Announcement by an IP Stakeholder: On-going lecture series about indian culture and relations between Europe and India at the University of Pardubice (CZ)

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1) Sufiya Pathan and Martin Fárek: “European Stereotypes about India“. Introductory lecture of the series, focussing on the question of rape in India.

2) Martin Fárek and Tess Joss: “Did India benefit from colonialism?“. A two-part lecture on the effects of colonialism on India and how colonial consciousness affects Indians today.

3) Rahul Sharma and Syama Rahul: “Marriage in India“. The couple talked about their recent marriage and discussed about arranged marriages, Indian families and relationships in India.


Prof. Martin Fárek, Department for the Study of Religions, University of Pardubice:

“How did India Platform enrich my life? By creating deep and lasting relationships with people of India. I should talk about many joyful moments, starting from interesting and sometimes heated discussions, through nice dinners cooked by Indian friends, to sharing experiences and memories from our childhoods and later life. I should talk about joint teaching, research, moments at conferences, workshops, etc. Let me share one of the most touching and moving moments instead of all this. Dr. Dunkin Jalki and Dr. Sufiya Pathan, a married couple with a beautiful little son, worked in the Department for the Study of Religions in Pardubice for a long period of time. In 2014, when they came back from summer holiday in India, they told me: “We were very much looking forward to come back to Pardubice. We felt that it became our home.“ I was very happy and moved to hear this. It showed me that we built up together a very close relationship. The kind of relationship which will survive successes or failures of this or that project applications, or of any other external events.”

When:1 January, 2015 - 30 June, 2015
Focus Domain:Social sciences and humanities
Event Type:Lecture / Presentation / Debate
Location:Pardubice, India
Organization:University of Pardubice
Keywords:Stereotypes, Colonialism, Comparative science of cultures

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Sufiya Pathan -
Ms. Tess Joss -
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