Announcement by a third party: Navratri Festival Celebrations

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On the occasion of Navratri, with the blessing of Ma Durga, Smt. Kamla Devi Kedia invites all devotees, their families, friends and well-wishers to nine days of worship ending with Dussehra on the tenth day.
Daily prayer assembly commences on 13th October and ends with MahaPrasadam (community lunch) on 22nd October 2015 at Kedia residence, Vosholdal 10, 2930 Brasschaat, Belgium

When:13 October, 2015
Focus Domain:Culture and management, Arts, traditions and heritage, Engineering, Health care, Liveable Cities, School education, Social sciences and humanities, Waste management
Event Type:Indian cultural activity in Belgium
Location:Antwerp, Belgium
Venue:Kedia residence, Vosholdal 10, 2930 Brasschaat, Belgium

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