Lecture by Mrs. Shila Mehta: “Movement to consciousness in Dance” – exploring Spirituality in Kathak Dance

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Dance teacher Shila Mehta states ‘I am aware that there is an established literature on spirituality. However, my discussion is informed by my lived experience of how striving for improvement in dance has led me down a path of discovering my purest self. To me, dance is a medium through which we can focus our energy in a truly positive way, free from the tensions of day to day life. In this way, it has from my perspective, the potential to help the dancers realise their most genuine existence and feel connected to a state of pure bliss’.

Mrs. Mehta will share her journey in Kathak with us and how she has used it to grow both as an artist and on a personal level. She strongly believes that ‘art is a bridge to the values of life’. She describes how the discipline of Kathak provides her the means to depth, spirituality,  grounding, perseverance, and a state of euphoria. A key take home message is that dance has the key ingredients to allow experience of much more than the steps alone.

When:9 October, 2015, 7:00 pm - 9 October, 2015, 9:00 pm
Focus Domain:Arts; traditions and heritage
Event Type:Lecture / Presentation / Debate, Workshop / Seminar / Training, Meeting / Roundtable, Conference / Congres / Symposium, Outreach programme, For Business, Workshop/Seminar/Training
Location:Brussels, Belgium
Venue:Brussels / Indian Embassy
Organization:India Platform

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