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Internship of NITTE University students to CM (Midden-Vlaanderen)

Ms. Arya K.S, Ms. Swetha Ann Varghese and Dr. V. Monisha, Master of Public Health Scholars, Nitte University India completed a one month internship at the Christian Mutualities (Mid-Flanders) from the 20th of June till 20th of July 2017. This was facilitated and co-organised by India Platform.

The students were hosted by local families and the general the purpose of the internship was to: To be introduced to the Belgian mutual health care system with visits to different health care institutions in Belgium and the Netherlands, including general and super-speciality hospitals, elderly care homes and institutes for mentally disabled persons. The students experienced the complementary services provided by a mutual organisation, like volunteering on a city trip for people with physical disabilities.

Each student had a different focus. Ms. Arya explored the coverage and OOP in public, not-for-profit and for-profit health insurance, and spent time understanding the principles of mutual organisations.

Ms. Swetha identified the role of volunteers in informal and formal healthcare of elderly, children and disabled individuals, and explored the new initiative of Christian Mutualities on social entrepreneurship and the elderly.

Dr. Monisha spent time understanding the preventive programs of cervical cancer in Belgium and the Netherlands and estimated and compared OOP, the Direct cost incurred due to cervical cancer in Belgium and the Netherlands. She also explored the maintenance of cancer registries in Belgium.

We bring you some glimpses of their journey.