Indian PhD student at the University of Groningen selected to meet Nobel Laureates in Germany

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Every year a few students are selected from different countries to closely interact over several days with Nobel Laureates from their disciplines at the yearly “Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting” in Germany. In March 2015, two students from the Drug Design group at the University of Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy (GRIP) were chosen, among them PhD student and holder of an Erasmus Mundus Svaagata scholarship Ajay Chandgude.

“I was blown away about being chosen in such a high-class meeting. This happens once in a lifetime and I felt deeply honoured and excited. To interact with the 70 Nobel Laureates and world’s top 650 young researchers for a week was like a dream for me. A unique opportunity to experience science from a different perspective, to widen my horizons and get lifetime inspiration about how to do successful research with a great social impact.”

When:1 March, 2015
Event Type:Meeting / Roundtable
Organization:University of Groningen

Contact Details: Mrs. Anita Veltmaat -