India Platform Study Visit to India – Liveable Cities

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The India Platform invites European professionals, researchers and companies in the domain of Liveable Cities and Waste Management to some of the most promising research groups and companies in the fast-growing city of Mangalore.

The visit will follow the successful formula of the India Platform Ventures Visits. It will
(1) involve participants from different European countries
(2) create the conditions for establishing lasting connections to Indian society
(3) link representatives from different sectors of engineering practice: technical experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

When:3 January, 2016, 9:00 am - 9 January, 2016
Focus Domain:Liveable Cities, Waste management
Event Type:Lecture / Presentation / Debate, Visit to India, Meeting / Roundtable
Location:Mangalore, India
Organization:India Platform
Keywords:Liveable cities, Waste Management

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