Stakeholders Meeting of the India Platform – 2012

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In order to consolidate the core consortium of stakeholders of the India Platform, a meeting was organised between the Rector of Ghent University and the following institutions:
* the Gokula Educational Foundation (Bangalore)
* the Karnataka State Law University (Hubli)
* the University of Aveiro (Portugal)
* the University of Pardubice (Czech Republic)
* the University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

Day 1:

The representatives at the Stakeholders Meeting were:

* Prof. Van Cauwenberge (Rector) from Ghent University (BE)
* Dr. Jayaram (Chairman), Dr. Guruprasad (CEO) and Dr. Shankapal from the Gokula Educational Foundation (Bangalore)
* Prof. Patil (Vice-Chancellor) from the Karnataka State Law University (Hubli)
* Prof. Assunção (Reitor) from the University of Aveiro (PT)
* Prof. Ludwig (Rektor) and Prof. Fárek (Department of Religious Studies) from the University of Pardubice (CZ)
* Mr. Verveld (Secretary General), Prof. Molenaar (University Hospital) and Mrs. Veltmaat (International Relations) from the University of Groningen
* Prof. Meeusen (Vice-Rector) from the University of Antwerp

On 12 July in the morning an official meeting took place in the Salons of the UGent Rector. The delegations were formally welcomed by the UGent Rector, and each institution presented its main foci to the other institutions. The India Platform vision was shortly explained by the India Platform director, Prof. Balu. In the afternoon a visit to the UGent Faculty of Engineering took place, including a visit to the clean rooms and to the concrete testing facilities.

A dinner was hosted by the UGent Rector in the UGent culture and convention centre “Het Pand”.

Venue: Ghent / Rectoraat Ghent University

Day 2:

A visit to the Ghent University Hospital was planned here, including meetings and discussions with the main representatives of the hospital.

Venue:  Ghent / Ghent University Hospital

When:12 July, 2012 - 13 July, 2012
Focus Domain:Engineering, Health care, Liveable Cities, School education, Social sciences and humanities, Waste management, Higher Education
Event Type:Meeting / Roundtable, Stakeholders Activity
Location:Ghent, Belgium
Venue:Apotheekstraat 5 / 9000 Ghent  
Organization:India Platform
Keywords:Engineering, Health care, Law, Higher education, Higher Education India

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