Impact Assessment and control of cysticercosis in the India subcontinent – Project (2006-20011)

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A project (VLIR-UOS – Own Initiative) of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
Department of Virology, Parasitology and Immunology, department of parasitology. (Laboratory of Parasitology)
Local partner: Christian Medical College (Vellore),
Local contact: Vedantam Rajshekhar.

The project academic and development opjectives are:
(1) strenghtening of the local capacities and capabilities to diagnose and develop control strategies for cysticercosis and
(2) reducing the burden of disease caused by cysticercosis by minimizing the transmission

When:1 January, 2006 - 31 December, 2011
Focus Domain:Engineering, Other
Event Type:Project

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