Heritage Study Visit, including ICOMOS conference – November 2015

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Mr. Willem Derde (Flanders Heritage Association – Herita) participated in the international heritage conference organised by the International Scientific Committee on Theory of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS – see http://icomos2015.sustainurban.org). The conference confirmed the huge challenges in the conceptualisation and the practice of conserving heritage in India. Because the integration of heritage into contemporary society is directly relevant for the Liveable Cities focus group, the India Platform decided to invest in this domain in the future, especially in the research needed to develop it. During and after the conference, Mr. Derde spent time with the researchers connected to the India Platform in Bangalore.

When:26 November, 2015 - 30 November, 2015
Focus Domain:Social sciences and humanities, Social sciences and humanities, Liveable Cities, School education, Social sciences and humanities
Event Type:Visit to India, Conference / Congres / Symposium
Location:Bengaluru, India
Organization:India Platform

Contact Details: Mr. Willem Derde - willem.derde@gmail.com

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