Announcement by an IP Stakeholder: Groningen Erasmus Mundus activities in 2014-2015-2016

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In 2014-2015-2016 a number of special informative and social events were organised for the Erasmus Mundus candidates ( by the Mobility and Scholarship Desk (MSD) of the University of Groningen and by Ms. Anita Veltmaat (policy advisor international relations). It should be said here that Svaagata and Namaste candidates are performing well. Most are on schedule and, in the case of undergraduate and master students, obtain high marks. Some even completed their master’s degree cum laude, upon which they were invited to do a PhD in Groningen.

When:1 January, 2014 - 1 January, 2016
Focus Domain:Higher Education
Event Type:Meeting / Roundtable
Location:Groningen, Netherlands
Organization:University of Groningen

Contact Details: Mrs. Anita Veltmaat -