European Stakeholders Meeting of the India Platform – 2014

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1) The India Platform: activities
2) Feedback from the stakeholders on the past year of activities
3) Europe and India: a strategy for the next 10 years
4) Varia
5) Conclusions

University of Pardubice (stakeholder)
Prof. Miroslav Ludwig, Rector
Prof. Martin Fárek, India Platform

University of Groningen (stakeholder))
Mr. Bert Verveld, Secretary General
Mrs. Anita Veltmaat, Senior staff international relations – policy advice

University of Aveiro (stakeholder))
Prof. José Fernando Mendes, Vice-Rector Research

University of Antwerp (stakeholder))
Prof. Johan Meeusen, Vice-Rector
Mrs. Anouk Deweerdt, Policy Asia and South-Africa

University of Hasselt (preferred partner))
Mrs. Patricia Hellriegel, Staff Member Internationalization and Marketing

Wageningen University and Research Centre (potential new partner))
Prof. Jan Fongers, Asia Desk

University of Twente (potential new partner))
Prof. Erik Van Dijk

Euro-India Centre)
Mr. Michel Sabatier, Secretary General

Gujarat chapter of the India Platform)
Mr. Jayesh Bharwani

India Platform Culture and Management)
Mr. Vijay Lohitsa

Kessels & Smit (potential new partner))
Mr. Luk Dewulf

When:29 April, 2014, 11:00 am - 29 April, 2014, 5:00 pm
Focus Domain:Not in an IP focus domain
Event Type:Meeting / Roundtable, Stakeholders Activity
Location:Ghent, Belgium
Venue:Ghent / India Platform
Organization:India Platform

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