Announcement by UGent: “Epilepsy Surgery” Hands-on Cadaver Workshop 16th and 17th April, 2016

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M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Neurosciences, M.S. Ramaiah Medical College and Hospitals, in collaboration with M.S.Ramaiah Advanced Learning Center, conducts “Epilepsy Surgery”, a Hands-on Cadaver Workshop on 16th and 17th April, 2016

A Cadaver hands-on training course was organised by the M.S. Ramaiah Insittute of Neuroscience on the 16th and 17th of April 2016, for Neurologists, Epileptologists and Neurosurgeons interested in Epilepsy surgery. It si aimed to give a comprehensive overview on surgically rememdiable epilepsies and involves didactic lectures on presurgical evaulation in epilepsy, video sessions and hands-on cadaveric training on Temporal Lobectomy, Amygalohippocampectomy, Hemispherectomy and other epilepsy surgery techniques.


Prof.Dr.Dirk Van Roost, Chief Epilepsy Surgeon, Gent University Hospital, Belgium.
Prof. Dr. Alfered Muers, Epileptogist, Gent University Hospital, Belgium.
Prof. Dr. Ravi Gopal Varma, Epilepsy Syrgeon, MSRMC & Hospitals, Bangalore, India.
Prof. Dr. Kirn Khanapure, Epilepsy Surgeon, MSRMC and Hospitals, Bangalore, India.
Dr. Raghavendra S. Consultant Epileptologist, Vikram Hospital, Bangalore.

When:16 April, 2016 - 17 April, 2016
Event Type:Workshop / Seminar / Training
Location:Bengaluru, India
Organization:M. S. Ramaiah Medical College & Hospitals
Keywords:Health care

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