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Asia-Link Project of the Research Centre Vergelijkende Cultuurwetenschap (2006-2008)

Title of the project: Development of Human Resources and Strategies for Education on the Stereotypical Images and Cultural Differences Between Europe and South Asia.

Background: Stereotypes create a variety of problems in the interactions between Europe and South Asia, in the business world, media coverage, international political relations, and development cooperation. Europe is often seen as a static, protectionist and even racist culture; while South Asia is seen as a deeply religious region where poverty, religious strife and caste discrimination prevail.

The overall project objectives of DEVHAS are to improve public awareness, to promote innovative social-scientific research, and to build a network of European and South Asian higher education institutions, all related to the stereotypes and cultural differences between Europe and South Asia.
Its specific objective is: to increase human resources and to improve strategies for education on the stereotypical images and cultural differences between Europe and South Asia.

Visit the devhas website:

http://www.cultuurwetenschap.be/ASIA-LINK/index.php [1]