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Announcement by a third party: Bharatnatyam dance performance

The Brussels Sammelani vzw [1], invites you to the Bharatnatyam dance performance by the renowned bharat natyam dancer from India, Dr Father Saju Geroge Moolamthuruthil SJ

Dr Father Saju George Moolamthuruthil SJ also known as the ‘Dancing Jesuit’ is a dynamic artist with a rare vision and passion for Indian art and culture. For Fr Saju, dance is a means of prayer and worship, self-actualisation and God-realisation, aesthetic delight and cosmic integration, social service, promotion of peace and inter-religious harmony, ecumenism and much more. He firmly believes in the healing power of the arts, especially of song and dance both on a personal and global level.

He is also trained in Kuchipudi, Kathakali, Manipuri, Kakaripayattu, theatre, yoga and counselling. Fr Saju has learned Carntic vocal music and also the Mrindangam from renowned gurus like Kaimamani Rev Dr PT Chelladurai SJ.

If you would like to be invited in this event, please send an email to info@brussels-sammelani.org or call on 0497/419.579