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Announcement by a third party: Convergence 2014 – Ethical Leadership: the Indian Way, organised at IFIM

Deadline call for papers: July 15th, 2013.
The following are the main themes which the conference will address:
• Spiritual orientations to business in different Hindu/Buddhist traditions
• Contribution of spirituality to renew contemporary management theory and praxis
• Influence of spirituality and ethics on the commitment of people and organizations to sustainability and justice
• Promising ethical and sustainable business models in India to other parts of the world
• New leadership roles emerging in Indian business
• Meaningful way of inspiration of spirituality on entrepreneurship.

• To bring educationists and practicing communities of different areas to exchange opinions on the theme. Focus on variety of spiritual orientations on business ethics and its effects on the people
• An opportunity for research aspirants and young professionals to explore new avenues in ethical business with spiritual influence and articulate their vision for a sustainable future
• Exchange ethical practises for establishing the ethical foundations for business in a globalized world.