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Pecha Kucha Night Brussels

Prof Balu presents the story of the research program in the format of ‘Pecha Kucha’: a talk of 6 minutes and 40 seconds, illustrated with 20 slides (20 seconds each). The aim of the Pecha Kucha Nights is cross-cultural and cross-sectoral inspiration.

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Gandhi and Ambedkar

Prof J.S. Sadananda spoke on the contribution of Gandhi and Dr Shanmukha A. spoke on the relevance of Ambedkar. 11:00: Gandhi by Prof. Sadanada 12:00: Relevene of Ambedkar by Dr. Shanmukha A.

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Two days Workshop on Reading Skills

The resource persons of this workshop were Prof. Rajaram Hegde, Dr, Shanmukha, Dr. Dunkin Jalki, Santhosh and Shankrappa. The students of CSLC have taken part in this workshop. Contributors: Dr. Shanmukha Armugam, Prof. Rajaram Hegde, Dr. Dunkin Jalki, Mr. CSLC Researchers.

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Lecture by Prof Balu: ‘Decolonizing India studies’ (Mangalore)

Kannada titel:: Bharatiya Samaja Vijnanagala Nirvasahatikarana From the organisers the following people were present: Prof. William Robert Da Silva, G. Rajashekhar, Pattabhi Somayaji, Parinita,, Prof. Rajaram Tolpadi, B. Shivaram Shetty, Nityananda Shetty. To introduce the ideas of ‘The Heathen in His Blindness’ among general public Contributor:  Dr. Shanmukha Armugam Contributor: Prof. Rajaram Hegde Keynote speaker:  Prof. Balagangadhara Rao Contributor: […]

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Lecture by Prof. Balagangadhara on ‘The Heathen in his blindness’

Title in Kannada: Smriti-Vismriti: Bharatiya Samskriti. To distribute the ideas of ‘The Heathen in His Blindness’ to a general public. Apart from the keynote speaker, other resource persons were: Sri, Siddharam Swamiji, Rum. Shi. Lokapur, Chandrakanta Pokale and research scholars of the Gent University and CSLC

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