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India Lecture Café: Asia and the Challenges for Social Sciences and Humanities

The Lecture Cafés are a joint initiative of the Ghent University China platform, the India platform and the International Office of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering. The lectures are held in English, in an interactive way open for discussion, and are open to anyone with an interest in academic research and/or collaboration within the region […]

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Brussels Book Launch “Reconceptualizing India Studies” S.N. Balagangadhara

Oxford University Press 2012, 288 pages | 978-0-19-808296-5 | Hardback “Balagangadhara’s work presents both a dare and an invitation to venture outside our comfort zones of accepted ideas about “religions”, politics, and culture. His sustained and profound immersion in the intellectual legacies and social worlds of India and Europe grounds a scholarship that is as […]

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Samyoga Matchmaking Event for Stakeholders – 2013

The India Platform  invited all its stakeholders to a large-scale matchmaking event. Objectives * To have the opportunity as a researcher or a staff member to discuss research and collaboration topics in detail within the following knowledge domains: – Agriculture & environment – Urban planning & Engineering – Business & Management – Medical science * […]

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“Mukhamukhi” in conversation with the readers of Vasahathuprajneya Vishwaroopa

Aarohi organised an interaction program ‘mukhamukhi’ with Dr.S.N Balagangadhara and Dr.Rajaram Hegde in the background of columns published in vijayavani, a Kannada daily news paper. The program was held at Rashtrottana parishad on 05/04/2013 at 6.30 pm. Readers of these columns attended the program and asked questions and clarifications about the articles. The programme came […]

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“Kanunina Kavalugalu'” (Branches of Law)

This workshop was a book releasing programme for the book “Kanunina Kavalugalu’” (Branches of Law) by Usha Ramanand. It was organised by the research group in Sirsi, Jivanmukhi. A discussion took place with a well known serial director, T.N. Sitaram, and his team. The audience existed of professionals, farmers, housewives, and students. The workshop was […]

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