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Indian Welcome Evening 2014

On November 6, the India Platform continued its tradition of welcoming the new Indians arriving in Ghent, this time coming  together at the Faculty of Economics of Ghent University. All Indians living in Europe and all Europeans with a heart for India werd cordially invited. Prof. Dr. Marc De Clercq, Dean of the Ghent University […]

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Workshop: Let globalization work for us

Workshop, following the talk on 13 December by Dr. S.N. Balagangadhara, “Collaboration with India in the 21st Century: A Vision” Dr. Shankara Prasad, “India is Booming: What About the Villages?” How do we see collaboration with India? What can young people do? Does collaboration automatically entail westernization? We will sit together and see whether an […]

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Cultural training for Tom Tom Ghent (in Dutch) – 2013

Tom Tom in Ghent (Belgium) works with an international team and is facing cultural differences and challenges. In this training the India Platform team guided a group of Tom Tom employees through some problems faced and suggest some innovative solutions.

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Workshop: ‘Protocol in India’

Topics: History, culture and values; Standards and procedures; How to succeed with business contacts among Indians; Do’s and Dont’s; Indian communication vs. European communication.

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