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Reply to the Draft roadmap for cooperation between India and the European Union

Note India Platform for SFIC 1403 Extract: The difference between two regions The Draft roadmap for cooperation between India and the European Union is an interesting document because of its specificity and the pointers it gives of where to look for successful and important science and technology collaborations between the two regions in the short […]

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Opportunities for Europe and India at the level of research and innovation: A feedback note at the occasion of the high-level roundtable on India and the EU innovating together (in health, water and energy)

Indo-European Partnership in R&I roundtable – Feedback from the India Platform An extract – Different cultural contexts: “Historically, India and Europe have had very different traditions of systematic knowledge development and entrepreneurship. Europe has a centuries-old tradition of (1) building research teams and research culture and (2) transferring results from academic research to the world […]

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India Platform Vision Note

Europe and India, or, India and Europe, both have rich academic and intellectual traditions. Importantly, these traditions have organic roots within their respective societies. Ever dynamic, these traditions evolve. In the case of Europe they have endured, but now face an imminent crisis; In the case of India, they have been obscured by centuries of colonization and structural transformation. […]

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Doing Development Research in Asia: Problems and Perspectives

Because the notion of ‘relevance’ is deeply context bound, I argue that we need to broaden our understanding of development to include ‘conditions for development’. In this paper, I reflect on the well-known adage about ‘give a fish’ and ‘teach to fish’ by adding the following: ‘create the conditions for fishing, we will fish forever’. […]

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