Upcoming Education Ventures Visit ::: 29 Oct to 5 Nov 2017 ::: Bangalore and Mangalore

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The aim of the India Platform is to bring Europe and India closer to each other by building relationships at different levels and with different actors in society (more information can be found in the vision note). Education is identified as one of the domains where fruitful collaboration between Europe and India can take place. This ‘Ventures Visit’ is a way of exploring opportunities for collaboration between European and Indian teachers, researchers, schools, companies and other institutions or actors working in the domain of education, from different European countries.

Where can India and Europe help each other?

Established and implemented during the British colonial era, the Indian education system is very similar to the European systems. It provides education to a very large population and confronts many challenges in doing this. The dynamic and living body of European educational ideas could help to deal with these challenges. Especially in areas such as teaching methodologies, guiding students, early childhood care, teacher training, youth work, … India could learn from the European experience. Vice-versa, European education could learn from the Indian experience in multilingual teaching, in going about with diversity in general and with the local culture and traditions, as well as from mnemo-technical and other traditional Indian teaching methods. As for modern methods: Indians are very active in the realm of STEM, skills development and ICT-supported education.

The Visit

The first Education Ventures Visits will focus on early childhood care and primary and secondary school education. The India Platform will guide the participants through the opportunities and challenges of the South Indian education sector – including visits to different schools and educational organisations –  and bring them into contact with potential partners that match their interests.


In order to identify appropriate matches, a thorough preparation is required: prior to the visit we will meet (in person or through skype calls) everyone who is interested in participating to find out their particular expertise and areas of interest. On the basis of this, an assessment is made through which the India Platform team in India will consult their extended network to find the right matches.

If you are interested in participating in this visit, please contact our Education Coordinator in India, Mrs. Anne Cardinael ([email protected]) before the 20th of June. Additionally, for those amongst you who live in Belgium or the Netherlands, an info evening will be organised in Ghent (BE) on 15 June.

Some testimonials of earlier visits can be found in this annual report, from page 22 onwards.

Please do not hesitate to forward this message to people you know might be interested in this initiative.

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When:29 October, 2017 - 5 November, 2017
Focus Domain:School education
Event Type:Visit to India, For Business, Stakeholders Activity
Location:Bengaluru, India
Organization:India Platform
Keywords:Ventures visit, Education, School education

Contact Details: Mrs. Anne, Cardinael - [email protected]

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