Social Sciences Module at BMS College of Engineering

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The India Platform office at BMS college of Engineering is working on a module on social sciences for BMS engineering students that will be launched in 2016. As a preparation for this module, a talk was jointly organised in January 2016 by the India Platform, the NSS (National Service Scheme) and the BMS Department of Mechanical Engineering. In this talk Prof. Dr. Jakob De Roover (Ghent University) spoke about the Western descriptions of Hinduism as a religion, religious ‘excesses’ in India, ‘superstition’, the caste ‘system’ and corruption, and how these descriptions are not only deeply rooted in the experience of the European colonizers but also taken over by Indians, even if it is not a part of their own experience. The talk was attended by over 100 students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Bio Technology Engineering. They reacted with a lot of questions about the role of the media, the intellectual society and the social scientists in the propagation of these stories and about the effect on the youth of India.

Based on this experience and the India Platform social sciences course in 2011, the new elective course module has been prepared and will be launched in the next semester.

When:16 January, 2016
Focus Domain:Engineering, Higher Education
Event Type:Lecture / Presentation / Debate, Visit to India, Collaborations of UGent Faculty, Meeting / Roundtable, Conference / Congres / Symposium, Outreach programme, For Business, Workshop/Seminar/Training, Workshop/Seminar/Training
Location:Bengaluru, India
Organization:BMS College of Engineering

Contact Details: Archana Kallahalla Bhat - [email protected]