A series of national symposia SAMVADA LAHARI (Waves of Discussion)

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Samvada Lahari (Waves of discussion) is a series of symposia, which makes an attempt to relate the bond between Indians and their puranas.
Samvada Lahari I  —  1-3 January 2011
Samvada Lahari II — 12-14 January 2012
Samvada Lahari III —  11-12 January 2014

Theme: Nyaya: East-West (Thinking about alternatives)

Samvada Lahari IV —  20-21 December 2014

Theme: Learning and Culture (Cultural Structure of Learning)

Day 1: Learning Process and Cultural Differences.  Resource people: Dr. Rajaram Hegde, Dr. A Shanmukha, Dr. Ashwin Kumar, Dr. Vivek Dhareshwar.

Day 2: Session 1:  Problems in Education system of India. Resource people: Dr. Uma Hegde, Dr. Ajakkala Girish Bhat, Dr. Archana Bhat, Rakesh Shetty, Dr. D. R Hegde, Dr. Sathish Naik

Day 2: Session 2: Performative Knowledge, Stories and Learning. Resource people: Ramananda Ainakai, Dr. Praveen T. L, Dr. Chaithra Mattighatta, Dr. Santhosh Kumar, Dr. Shankarappa, Dr. Kavitha P.N.

Samvada Lahari V — 6-7 Februari 2016

Theme:  “Samskruthika Vyatyasagalu” (Cultural differences)

Discussion on the text: “The Future of the Present”. In two days we focus on the theme of European experience of India. This will be further explored by taking two more essays which examine how “Aryana Invasion theory” and “Arya-Dravida debate” is part of the European experience and how do we make sense of the ongoing debate on Beef ban.

When:1 January, 2011 - 1 January, 2020
Focus Domain:Arts; traditions and heritage, Social sciences and humanities
Event Type:Project, Conference / Congres / Symposium
Location:Sirsi, India
Organization:Jeevanmukhi Trust
Keywords:Puranas, Culture, Tradition

Contact Details: Ainkai Ramananda - [email protected]

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